Journalism Portfolio

Washington City Paper

In Its Third Year, Artomatic@Frederick Comes Into Its Own

One Track Mind: CrushnPain, ‘What Ur Doing’

One Track Mind: Polyon, ‘Reserve’

In Venus, D.C. Artists Explore Gender Issues in the Underground Music Scene

On Screen and In Print, Wall Writers Tells the Story of Graffiti’s Formative Years

Watch: Gordon Withcers, ‘Lost in Thought’

Listen: Birth (Defects), ‘Forged’

One Track Mind: Satan’s Satyrs, ‘Full Moon and Empty Veins’

The Sleigher: It’s a Death Metal Xmas, ‘Jingle Bells’

Marian McLaughlin on Bringing a Full Chamber Ensemble To Capital Fringe

One Track Mind: Polyon, ‘Reserve’

Songbyrd Music House and Record Café Debuts New Venue Space

Br’er’s Masking, Reviewed

One Track Mind: Lookout Gang’s “Shack-It”

Br’er Remembers a Murdered Trans Woman in “Chanel Divinity”

Piece of Work: Chris Suspect’s “Backstage, Ottobar, Baltimore, MD”

What Weekly

Wrekmeister Harmonies

Inside Wes Moore’s New Startup

Urban Angels Baltimore


In Its Third Year, Awesome Con Finds Its Groove

At D.C.’s First Post-Legalization Pot Expo, Questions of Cultivation, Regulation Loom

Entertainment Buddha

Review: The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC

Sense8, and The Wachowskis We Deserve

Building Sci-Fi Armor with the LawBreakers Trailer

“Star Wars Poetry” Video Lends Purpose to Prequels

The Death House Book Review

Lego Dimensions Trailer Hits on What Makes LEGO Awesome

Remastering Gridlock with The Coalition

Xûr Has Gjallarhorn and Everyone is Freaking Out

Jesse Eisenberg Equates Comic Con Noise With Genocide

SDCC Trailer for ‘Batman v Superman’ Inspires Hope

Check Out ChetArt at SDCC

What Almost Was: Sean Connery as Gandalf

Age of Ultron Gets Lego Treatment in Animated Short

Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay is Hot(h)

Halo 5: Guardians Gets Slick Campaign Demo

Microsoft Reveals Xbox Elite Controller at E3 2015

‘The Division’ Getting Xbox Exclusive Beta This Christmas

Tarantino’s ‘Hateful Eight’ Gets Christmas Release Date

Why the Pure Pwnage Movie Matters

Honest Trailer for Jupiter Ascending is Hilariously Accurate

Four of the Most Awesome Batman v Superman Battles

Top 5 Geek Holidays

Citizen George Uses the Force of its Backers to Determine its Future

PicsArt Photo Studio Review

Short Film Sundays Brings Philosophy Back to Sci-Fi

Does Birdman’s Single Take Work?

EchoKey Portable Charger Review

Film Review: Jupiter Ascending

Echo Connect Plus

WAMU 88.5 Bandwidth

How Sean Gray Is Making Concertgoing Less Stressful For People With Disabilities

CrushnPain Dissects Masculinity And Power On ‘Luxor Obelisk’

Meet Satan’s Satyrs, Virginia’s Saviors Of ’70s Metal

Breakin’ Even Fest Spotlights The Poppier Side Of Punk

Blissed Out With A Beat: Lobo Marino’s Music For Chilling

How D.C.’s Rock Scene Helped Save This Record Store From Oblivion

Premiere: Br’er’s Disturbing Video For ‘Masking’

Inside An Explosive Relationship With D.C. Punks Gauche

Where Synthesizers Meet Cinnamon Rolls: It’s Drone Brunch

Listen to ‘Rima,’ The Bright New Record From D.C. Indie-Pop Band Pree

Ex-Minor Threat Band Dot Dash Gets (Almost) Heavy On A New Song

Wanted Man’s ‘Gun To My Head’ Is An Anthem For Anti-Achievers

No Deep Philosophy Here: Old Indian Just Wants To Play Sick Riffs

Listen To A Swirling Song From Tomás Pagán Motta’s New Album

Track Work: Seaknuckle, ‘It Won’t Last’

Track Work: Sun Machines, ‘Mono Mind’

Premiere: ‘Masking,’ A Throbbing Industrial Track from Br’er

Video Game Writers

Review: Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Review: Sunset Overdrive

Review: Road Not Taken

Review: The Swapper

Opinion: Can AAA games make effective social commentary?

Preview: Battlefield: Hardline

‘Don’t Starve: Giant Edition’ coming to PS Vita

Review: Watch Dogs

Review: Trials Fusion

Space Westerns and the thematic roots of ‘Titanfall’

‘Dead Man’s Trail’ and a conversation with Chris Totten

Review: Titanfall

When the lights go out: What happens when online games support drops?

Preview: Titanfall

Book Review: Nathan Meunier’s ‘Interview Fu’

5 Things we want from ‘Halo 5’

My Violent Art: Placing Games in Conversation

Review: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

5 Things to Love (and Hate) About ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’

Review: LocoCycle

Putting the Pieces Together: An Improvement Plan for ‘Knack’

Review: Soul Calibur 2 HD Online

Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Review: Knack

The Top 20 ‘Call of Duty’ Maps before ‘Ghosts’

Review: Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion

Preview: ‘Avadon 2: The Corruption’ offers old-school RPG experience

Review: Rain

Preview: World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

3 new things ‘Titanfall’ brings to the FPS genre

The Good and Bad representations of gamers in popular media

Book Review: Nathan Meunier’s ‘Up Up Down Down Left Write’

To Postmodernity, and Beyond: What Comes Next for Gamer Culture?

Review: Do Not Fall

Review: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Comeback Kill: Weapon Update Provides Breath of Fresh Air for ‘Halo 4’

‘Majora’s Mask’: Why So Divisive?

Killstreak Rewards: Boon or Bane for the FPS Genre?

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